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Experience and tips

During my work and research I have experienced and seen a lot in a positive but unfortunately also in a negative sense with sometimes fatal consequences. I would like to share these experiences with you so that there is more understanding and a different perspective on autism. Together we must ensure that the taboo surrounding autism disappears. Acceptance and respect for diversity! With the right handles and a different view, this will certainly work. I hope that after reading these stories you can show empathy for all people dealing with autism.


The story of the boy with autism who cut off his teacher's fingertip

"No, there is nothing left to do, it is a disturbed child," the school director said after I asked about the boy who had been expelled and I noticed because he was "different." This boy had cut off his teacher's fingertip and since then he has been left alone in the classroom. The cause of the behavior was not investigated or considered. The child was left alone and therefore received negative treatment and was left in the ignorant. I did not do this and went to work with this boy, it took time but the result was beautiful. The cause of this behavior became clear and the child developed. This child had a great talent for drawing and showed it months later after he had the opportunity to do so. This is a true story in Turkey that I experienced during my research. In my book "a positive view on autism" this story can be read extensively. People with autism can evolve positively if their learning goals are adapted to their needs and possibilities. It is therefore also important that we acknowledge and respect differences. Instead of focusing on the weak points, we are more concerned with the talents, because with a correct approach and the necessary tools, they will certainly be visible. The talents could already be present at a very young age. However, these talents are isolated skills and, moreover, they are not always functional. People with autism can also make very difficult and complex reasoning by heart in a very special way, eg remember names of places or people, while these skills are not important in their daily lives. Therefore, respect each individual think and find the cause of the behavior.

Give people with autism the opportunity to develop without prejudice.