Autism Expertise Center & Academy Sebiha Unal (AECSU-AASU)

center & academy for autism and positive psychology


Dr. Sebiha Unal has followed the study of Clinical Psychology. After this study, she conducted research in the field of autism as a scientist. She has a child with autism about which she wrote the book "Mama, am I an alien?", With the aim of breaking the taboo surrounding autism through her own story. In Turkey and Europe, she has and is engaged in various activities related to autism, such as setting up an educational institution, conducting research and giving guest lessons / information / lectures in the field of autism. She is currently working as a teacher, psychologist and autism specialist from her autism centers. She also has various projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey. She gives lectures / information / training on autism from the positive approach. With her own positive experiences and research, she came to the conclusion that a positive approach worked well with people with autism and as a result, she has now delved into positive psychology and has thus developed her own method (Positive Mind Method) for which she is now also professionals trains as a Positive Mind Autism Coach (PMAC). Research has already demonstrated the scientific effectiveness of the Positive Mind Method. The method in which the talents in particular should receive more attention instead of the less strong sides.