Autism Expertise Center & Academy Sebiha Unal (AECSU-AASU)

center & academy for autism and positive psychology

Autism guidance

Autism Expertise Center Sebiha Unal (AECSU) has the mission to empower children, young people and adults with autism as much as possible. We work from the Positive Mind methodology developed by dr. Sebiha Unal, whereby the emphasis is on talents and interests.

Our Positive Mind Autism (PMA) coaches are all trained to apply the Positive Mind method. A positive approach is our priority. Based on this vision, we work on what you are less good at. We tailor our guidance offer to your care needs. Whether it's a quiet or a less peaceful period in your life.

The Positive Mind Autism (PMA) coach comes to your home, at school or at work. Working together with you in a practical way to increase your self-reliance and self-direction. Together we work on your place in society. The Positive Mind Autism (PMA) coach also supports parents with the specialist upbringing required.

What can we help you with?

Support in daily life

Guiding the caregiver and volunteer

Find suitable education and training

Guidance to work 

Useful spending of free time

Learning and applying daily skills

Get overview and insight

Find and retain meaningful activities

To communicate

Reduce stress

Build and maintain social contacts and relationships

Find and maintain leisure activities

Psycho-education for you and people in your area

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